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Many, many years ago – back in the 80s, I purchased a set of Rotring Calligraphy Pens, a Rotring Sketching Pen, and the Rotring Art Pencil.

Although I rarely use fountain pens for calligraphy or sketching, I like to keep a few around as they are easily portable (as opposed to carrying around a bottle of  ink) and are convenient for doing quick layouts and impromptu sketches.

However, the best purchase I ever made was the Rotring Art Pencil.  Essentially a  holder for 2mm leads, the Art Pencil is the finest, well-balanced sketching tool of any lead holder.  Unfortunately, they have not been in production for many years and are difficult, if not impossible, to find.

I not only used mine for pencil sketching, but found it well-suited for silver point drawing.  A 2mm silver wire sanded to a drawing point fit neatly into the holder and gripped the wire securely.

I have come across a few websites where artists have lamented the passing of this fine drawing instrument, and although the calligraphy pens and sketch pens still appear to be in production, I will miss the Rotring Art Pencil.


Rotring Art Pencil

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