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Apparently I must have suspected back then that my favorite Rotring Art Pencil would become obsolete because I found four of them in my art supplies box along with a few lead pointers marked “Rotring Made in Germany”:

Rotring Art Pencils

Rotring Art Pencils

One Art Pencil was purchased in a set with the Art Pen; the rest were purchased individually.  The metal box came with an Art Pen but it was handy to carry around two Art Pencils since I didn’t use the Art Pen very often.

Three Art Pencils are used for different leads (I usually use a 2B, an F and an H) and the fourth Art Pencil (bottom) has the silver point wire.

There was also a white sharpening stone that I believe was included with the Rotring Calligraphy set, but I used it to sharpen the silver point wire – very handy!

I haven’t used them for a while so I tried a few sketches and was still amazed at how comfortable and well-balanced it is for a lead holder.

So….why all the fuss over a lead holder?  I suppose every artist has their favorite tools they prefer whether it is a particular type of paint, paper, canvas, brush, etc.  Although technically any pencil will do, sometimes one gets lucky and finds a tool that is not only functional and a good “fit” for an individual drawing style, but a joy to use as well.

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